ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions Paid Search Marketing

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On the surface it sounds simple, right? Bid on a few keywords and your Internet traffic comes right through your front door. If that was all there was to creating a successful Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign, you would already have one! The truth is there is a lot more to PPC advertising than bidding on a few keywords. In fact, if you want a PPC campaign that will make a real difference to your business and you are not an expert at PPC marketing it can be incredibly time consuming, complicated and, very expensive.

At ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions, we know how to create a highly effective PPC marketing campaign that will bring you customers from your local area right to your website. Simply put, we can help you turn clicks into customers as your PPC Internet marketing drives more and more traffic to your website.

A successful PPC campaign involves not just a few keywords, but hundreds or even thousands of keywords. Individual keywords are then paired with unique ads, leading to a variety of different business profile pages- each one designed to hone in on your customers' needs and bring them to the solution your business offers them. Different ads and online business profile pages need to be tested to see if they are successful and those results must be carefully tracked. It's easy to see why PPC advertising can eat up more of your time AND your budget then you care to think about. That's why your business needs ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions to develop a unique PPC advertising campaign created exclusively for your potential customers and your unique selling advantage.

Our internet marketing specialists at ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions will work with you to identify the most effective keywords and keyword phrases for your type of business. Then all you need to do is get back to running your business and let ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions create your PPC campaign. We will prepare the ads, manage the PPC bids on a monthly basis and lead your customers right to your Website. 

facebook-twitter-blog-joomla-wordpress-drupal-magento-sexy_brunette_blonde_woman_girl_tampa_florida-computer-reidesigns_web_business_graphic_design_solutions-internet-marketing-seo-web design tampaOur Pay Per Click Campaign Management Service Includes:

  • Campaign Consulting & Management
  • Keyword research
  • Creative ad copy that drives the traffic to your site quickly
  • On Going Ad Analysis & Split Testing
  • Geo-Targeting (local, regional, state, national, global)
  • PPC bid management
  • Regular monitoring and progress reports
  • Analytics implementation & consulting

Let ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions take the pressure off and manage your PPC campaign with the precision and expertise you need and deserve. Don't let Google, Yahoo or MSN pay-per-click programs get you frustrated and discouraged by taking up all of your time that you need to keep your business running.