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If You Own A Business, Here’s What You Must Know About ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions and Mobile Marketing.

As a business owner, you’ve probably had it up to “here” hearing about how you should be doing mobile marketing for your business. You’ve already got your hands full taking care of a seemingly endless list of administrative tasks in addition to actually providing the product or service that’s the focus of your business. Why would you want to add one more task to your already-overwhelming schedule?

If mobile marketing were a marginally effective tactic for getting more business through the door, you could probably get away with ignoring it.

But it’s not. In fact, mobile marketing is becoming more crucial to business success every year.

Here are some shocking statistics on mobile marketing that should persuade you to at least consider getting your own mobile campaign going:

-64% of all smartphone owners use their mobiles to shop. 
-88% of adults in the United States have a cell phone. 
-More than 2.3 TRILLION text messages are sent each year in the U.S. alone 
-The open rate for emails on mobile devices is up by 80% 

What does it all mean? Nothing you couldn’t tell just by watching people out in public, in restaurants, or even while they commute… People love their mobile devices, check them frequently, use them to buy stuff, and often pay more attention to what’s on their phone than what else is around them.

Knowing mobile marketing isn’t a fad that’s fading away anytime soon, maybe it’s worth paying attention to, and learning how you can use it to grow your business.

facebook-twitter-blog-joomla-wordpress-drupal-magento-tampa_florida-computer-reidesigns_web_business_graphic_design_solutions-internet-marketing-seo-web design tampa Five Things You Need To Know About Mobile Marketing

There are only five things you need to know about mobile marketing before you decide whether it’s right for your business. Here they are:

1. What Is Mobile Marketing, Exactly? Mobile marketing puts your business in front of people on-the-go two different ways.

When they go looking for you...
Let’s say your prospective customers are out and about. They decide they need to find a certain product or service, and they whip out their smartphone to find it. They don’t know you, don’t know your business name, and certainly don’t know your website address. The name of the game is making sure your business is the one they find when they search, rather than your competitor.

Mobile marketing draws in more business…

Let’s say you’d like to get your existing customers to come back for more. If you’ve got a mobile marketing plan in place, you’ve gotten permission to send occasional text messages to your customers. You send out a message… “Rainy day special, come in and get 10% off…” or “Bring a friend and get a FREE…” and they start showing up, ready to buy from you right then and there.

Mobile marketing reaches your customers where they are, and gets them to take action.

2. How Does Mobile PPC (Pay Per Click) Work?
By now you may know how PPC ads work: A business places an ad that is triggered by an Internet user’s search, paying only when people click the ad. The ad leads the searcher to an offer of some sort, and when successful, leads to a purchase.

You may not realize the power of PPC is available in mobile marketing, too. Even better, since many businesses aren’t using mobile PPC, you may get higher conversions and even lower bid rates than you’d get with regular PPC.

Mobile users don’t typically click ads just to do more research like they might from their home computer… they are in buying mode. For mobile PPC, your ad MUST be in one of the top two spots or it will not be seen. Searchers are poised and ready to call, click, or come in. Sweeten the click by offering a coupon or some other incentive for taking action. 

3. Do Local Maps on Mobile Devices Really Boost Business?

The near-constant refrain among Internet marketers for years has been “content is king” – and while there still remains no substitute for excellent content, another element is rising in importance. Context is crucial, especially where mobile marketing is concerned.

Let’s say you’re traveling for business and get hungry for pizza. You whip out your mobile device and do a search. At that moment, you’re not especially interested in the history of pizza, an award-winning pizza recipe, or the nutritional information for a slice. You want the nearest pizza joint with good reviews.

That’s where local maps come into the picture. By making sure your business has claimed its listing on the major local map sites, and gathering positive reviews from your happy customers, you ensure yours is the right business at the right time in the right place.

facebook-twitter-blog-joomla-wordpress-drupal-magento-tampa_florida-computer-reidesigns_web_business_graphic_design_solutions-internet-marketing-seo-web design tampa 4. What about Advertising on Mobile Devices?

Mobile devices bring all new venues for advertising, with astronomically high open and engagement rates. One of the most effective advertising tactics for mobiles is app development with push notifications. Essentially, your target market asks you to message them, particularly when they are near your location.

In a matter of just a couple of years, mobile users as a whole have trained themselves to respond instantly to whatever sound their device makes when they receive a text message or push notification. We drop everything and look, then respond. This level of responsiveness won’t last indefinitely, but for now, advertising on mobile platforms is hot, yielding a high rate of return on your advertising dollars.

5. Are Mobile Websites REALLY Necessary?

A good mobile site is fast-loading, simple to navigate, and compels visitors to take action, converting visitors into customers. Your ‘regular’ website is just a starting point. It may or may not function and format correctly on a mobile device.

Beyond formatting, you’ll need to re-think your content for your mobile site. Make sure you’ve got mobile landing pages that work on a wide variety of mobile devices. Each mobile landing page should have a call to action that makes sense for people on-the-go. Don’t ask them to fill out a complicated form - make it easy for your prospects to take the next step.

Getting found is not enough – if your website isn’t mobile friendly, if your prospect has to pinch and zoom to try to read your site or interact with it, they’ll move onto your competitor’s mobile site. Goodbye prospect!

So, it used to be that business owners would ask, “Do I really need a website?” The answer now, across the board, is a resounding “YES!”

The same has now become true for mobile marketing. As the surge in smartphone usage continues to grow, the increasingly smart way to reach all these mobile users is with mobile marketing. If you’re ready to take your site mobile, let’s have a conversation about the best way to do this for your business.