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If you've taken any steps at all toward increasing your online presence, and establishing your personal business brand on the Internet, you quickly discovered that it's not a one-size-fits-all type of approach.

Have Your Results Matched Your Goals?
You also discovered that there are innumerable variables to contend with. That's why ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions offers specific online services to not only enhance your online presence, but to create effective and profitable results.

How much money, time and effort have you invested into online marketing? Have the results matched your original goals? Is your Internet marketing strategy at cross purposes, counter-productive, off kilter, confused, misdirected?

Don't feel alone. On a daily basis, we here at ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions interact with business owners who are absolutely the best at what they do. But they have limited knowledge of how to maximize their website for optimum results.
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That's where we can step in and take the load off your business shoulders. Our Online Services are specifically customized to bring the outcome you are looking for. These services include:

Conversion Improvement Services
High traffic does not always translate into increased lead capture, or sales. It takes more than traffic to make your website and your marketing strategies profitable.

Local Listings Services
One of the most wonderful things about advertising on the Internet is that it can be targeted. Your ads and your websites can be targeted to a well-defined demographic. This can refer to age group, gender, family situation, specific interests, and geographic location.

Multivariate Testing

 What if there was a way to track what your visitor does the moment he or she arrives at your website or landing page? And then what if you could take those results and tweak your page to fit those behavior patterns? That is what multivariate testing is all about.

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It's time to end the frustration of making attempts to figure out all the ins and outs of online marketing. We here at ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions stand ready to provide expert and professional online services to free you up to spend your time providing the high-quality products and services that your customers have come to expect.