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Marketing with Facebook

 Okay, it's true – Facebook did start in a college dorm room (in February 2004 to be exact). And it's true that for the first two years, the site was available only to colleges. Perhaps that's why some people still mistakenly think that Facebook is for the millennial generation. Perhaps that's why many business owners discount its value in their online marketing mix. But ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions takes this Great Marketing Opportunity and makes it work for you and your business.

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Business owners who discount Facebook as a vital part of growing online visibility are missing a key element of brand building. Check out this statistic:

Facebook has surged past Yahoo as the number two most popular site in the U.S., drawing nearly 134 Million Unique Visitors in January, 2010. 

Here's another very interesting statistic. The number of Facebook users ages 55 and older grew by 922.7% throughout the year of 2010! 

Over 900 per cent? That's an amazing statistic. The baby boomer generation has taken Facebook from the millennial generation. Are your customers, clients, and prospects browsing Facebook? Chances are you'll find them there. The question is – will they find YOU there?

Just Chatter?
But isn't Facebook just a lot of back and forth trivial chatter and small talk? Yes, part of it certainly is that. However, you may not be familiar with Facebook Business Pages (otherwise known as Fan Pages). Business Pages are set up a little different from a Facebook profile in that you can feature your business by adding regular updates and comments. You can point visitors back to your website, blog, and various articles. And, of course, encourage people to follow you on Twitter.

If you're holding a special event, post it on your Facebook Page. If your company is deeply involved in a charitable event, post that. If you or one of your employees is conducting a seminar, or if you are posting a new video on YouTube, those items can be (and should be) posted as well. The ways in which you can promote your business with a Facebook Page are limited only by your creativity and your imagination.

ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions Website SEO & Promotion Services Facebook Pages Increasing SEO
A Facebook Business Page is the only feature of Facebook that is fully indexed by Google. This means you can cash in on Facebook's powerful search engine rank and add another SEO tool to your marketing strategy.

Additionally, each time you add a wall post, video, audio or link on your Facebook Page, it is automatically sent out to the News Feed of all of your fans.

Create a Page and Tell the World
Once you decide to create a page for your business entity, announce it to all your existing customers and prospects. It can be featured in your newsletter, noted on your website and in your blog. In addition, the now-famous Facebook logo can be imbedded into any and all of your websites.

Let ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions Help
Tapping into the power of Facebook makes good marketing sense. Let the experts at ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions take the reins for you and build the kind of Facebook Business Page that will profile your company in its very best light.

This is yet another way ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions can help you harness the power of the viral aspect of online marketing.