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Fast-Growing Social Media Site
The social media site known as Twitter is probably more bewildering and elusive to the average business owner than Facebook or even YouTube. However, as with all social media sites, Twitter is growing at an amazing rate and it's where the eyes of the world are now fastened.

Twitter now has 105 million registered users and people are signing up to the tune of 30,000 a day.

How it All Started
Twitter was first introduced in 2006 when Jack Dorsey and a few colleagues at the Odeo offices (a podcasting company) were brainstorming. Dorsey's first message read, "just setting up my twttr," which was the original code name. It was later changed to twitter which means "a short burst of inconsequential information," and "chirps from birds." The term was perfect; however; the information has long since ceased to be inconsequential. The company went off on its own in 2007 and has been growing steadily ever since.

Why Use Twitter?

Twitter can best be described as a microblog. It's a method wherein a business owner can send short notes and status updates to Twitter followers, who may (or may not) be the same people who are fans of the Business Facebook Page, those who receive the company newsletter, or those who follow the company blog. A Twitter account gives your business yet one more avenue in which to see and be seen.

The unique feature of Twitter that sets it apart from any other social media site is the brevity of your messages. Messages on Twitter are limited to 140 characters. That's it! Not 140 words, but 140 characters. It makes it highly apt for mobile marketing as well.

facebook-twitter-blog-joomla-wordpress-drupal-magento-sexy_brunette_blonde_woman_girl_tampa_florida-computer-reidesigns_web_business_graphic_design_solutions-internet-marketing-seo-web design tampa Best Twitter Strategy
Because social media is all about relationships, the best approach to use with Twitter is an informal, chatty touch, or even a news or status update. If you view it only as an avenue to feature weekly business specials, your followers will be alienated. Not only that, you've wasted a great opportunity to create relationships with your followers.

The key is to create a good mix of personal chat and business. Some have suggested the mix be 80% - 20%. That means 80% informal conversations and 20% overt selling – such as featuring your specials for the week or noting a fabulous sale that's going on at your shop.

Also, Twitter works best if your company or business has already established a blog and a website. This way, Twitter becomes a support system for the rest of your business. Another benefit to Twitter is if you are able to text on your phone, and if you have a plan for data usage, then you can easily incorporate Twitter into your online marketing strategy. Twitter integrates with most mobile devices very well due to the brevity of the messages.

As with all facets of online marketing, ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions stays on the cutting edge of every new development in the industry. Let our experts guide you through the Twitter maze and help you to stand out from all your competition.