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From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, Reidesigns Web and Business Solutions provides your complete web hosting solution. facebook-twitter-blog-joomla-wordpress-drupal-magento-sexy_brunette_blonde_woman_girl_tampa_florida-computer-reidesigns_web_business_graphic_design_solutions-internet-marketing-seo-web design tampa

Our customer interfaces are user friendly and control panels make managing your web servers easy.

Our clients are always happy with Reidesigns Web and Business Solutions reasonable prices for hosting services.

We always provide the highest safety for our clients’ web sites because we offer our web hosting services exclusively for the customers who have their sites created by our company.

It’s a little bonus for them because first six months of hosting services are free of charge! When the free period ends, the price is

 $19.95 per month.

Located in Tampa, Florida, our professional team of experts maintains your sites ensuring that they are up and running 24/7.

ReiDesign Web Solutions Offers the Following List of Web Hosting Services:

  • Server Specifications - Dual 2.4GB Xeon Processors, 2 GBs of RAM.
  • Operating System - Linux
  • Mail Manager. Create up to 100 Email Accounts. Remove/Read (webmail) mail from any PC with an access to the Internet. Autoresponders, Email Lists, Forwarders, Mail Filtering, and more.
  • Stats Programs.Find out the number of people visiting your website and where they are coming from.
  • File Manager. Upload your files to your hosting account through the control panel (Of course, you can also use FTP)
  • FTP Manager
  • Backup. It will allow you to restore the database if it is defaced/hacked. At the beginning of each day, the system creates a new backup file for the entire MySQL database. The system saves the backup files for the last four days. That means at any moment we will be able to restore the database to the exact state it was in on any of those 4 previous days.
  • MySQL. The MySQL database server is an open source database that is used by the developers in the whole world. It is tremendously fast and easy to customize thanks to its architecture.
  • CPanel  The Cpanel (control panel) which is offered with our hosting account is exceptionally user-friendly and simple to interact with.
  • Cron Jobs. Cron is the ability to run programs based on the system clock.
  • Spam Assassin

Many other features are also available to make your site run smoothly and with minimized downtime!

If you are looking for the ultimate in email services, our Microsoft Exchange Email is for you. Exchange Email is not just for the Enterprise user, it is also helpful for small to medium-sized business offering spam and virus protection, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access and mobile access. Manage your email from anywhere and scale quickly as your business grows. facebook-twitter-blog-joomla-wordpress-drupal-magento-sexy_brunette_blonde_woman_girl_tampa_florida-computer-reidesigns_web_business_graphic_design_solutions-internet-marketing-seo-web design tampa

  • Full Service Mail
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Spam Protection
  • Free Webmail Interface
  • Free Autoresponders
  • Free Email Forwarding
  • Unlimited Email Aliases

ReiDesigns Web and Business Solutions Provides protection from other abusive users that would intentionally or unintentionally consume too much cpu, memory, or disk I/O operations.

  • Gives you many of the features that were previously only available through a VPS (virtual private server) or dedicated server at the price of shared hosting - saving you a lot of money in the process!
  • Reidesigns Web and Business Solutions Gives you a consistent experience for your website without all the ups and downs normally associated with every other shared hosting provider out there.
  • Nothing to do on your side. It is 100% automated and seamless.
Our resource protection saves customers from having to deal with almost all slowdowns caused by other abusive processes. No other shared hosting company can say that. Come join the other sites hosted on our network and see the benefits today!

ReiDesigns Excellence

Get help when and how you need it. 

  • 24/7 U.S. Based Tech Support
  • Toll Free Telephone Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Automated Helpdesk
  • Online Video Tutorials

BlueHost Web Hosting Services

  If you would prefer to handle customer support and troubleshooting on your own, Reidesigns Web and Business Solutions would be grateful if you signed up via this link so that our WebSite and Business get support at no additional cost to you.

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